First Appointment

In common with most homeopaths, your first visit to me is a fairly lengthy 'information gathering' conversation of up to 2 hours. In preparation for this I usually ask patients to complete a basic health questionnaire which we can then go into when we met. This allows more time in the consultation to talk about you. The questionnaire can be sent by post or printed by clicking on 'Medical Questionnaire' in the left column. It can be really useful if a patient can complete a 'Time Line' too.

This all goes towards establishing a complete picture of you as an individual, helping me to understand the nature of your complaint and how it manifests or is experienced by you. Even small or unusual things can be of great significance, as it will help identify the correct remedy for you. My job as a homeopath is then to analyse this information in order to select an appropriate remedy.

After taking a remedy you may notice some changes. Patients can often feel a sense of well being soon after taking the remedy but this will be determined by how long standing your condition is and your vitality. Some patients make steady progress, for other it will be quite dramatic. As your body begins to regain balance you may experience a return of old symptoms. This can be a turning point which may result in a restoration of vitality and well being within you.

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Follow Up Appointments

These will normally take up to 1 hour and I recommend that these take place at approximately 4 week intervals initially. This may vary according to the severity and length of your symptoms, and other factors such as the level of stress in your life and medication you may be taking.

"You may honestly feel grateful that homeopathy survived the attempts of the allopaths to destroy it."

Mark Twain

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