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Pregnancy & childbirth

Homeopathy provide consultations for women with minor pregnancy-related condtions such as nausea, backache and constipation, as well as providing support for more severe pregnancy-induced symptoms. Homeopathy is widely used and recommended by midwives across the world for a wide range of symptoms and complaints both during and after pregnancy. You may wish to use homeopathy for emotional changes you are experiencing during this exciting but challenging time in your life.

Homeopathy can also be used for helath problems which are unrelated to your pregnancy such as allergies or hayfever. Women with pre-existing health problems such as these may have to stop their ususal conventional medication when they become pregnant, so homeopathic treatment might be a useful option to consider. Any use of conventional medication during pregnancy should be discussed with the prescribing doctor, your midwife and your homeopath.

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Is homeopathy safe for pregnant women?

Homeopathic treatment has an excellent safety record overallo. During pregnancy some women choose to live with the discomfort of minor complaints such as morning sickness or heartburn, rather than seek treatment, because they are rightly concerned about the possible effects of conventional medicine on their unborn child. However, because homeopathic medicines are non-toxic and only minute amounts of active ingredients are used in the preparation of homeopathic medicines, (often called remedies), they can be used safely in cases involving babies, children, pregnancy and breast-feeding mothers, when the use of conventional drugs would be inadvisable.

Homeopathy during labour

There are homeopathic medicines which appear to be effective in helping during childbirth. There is some preliminary evidence to suggest that these can help with irregular or slowly progressing contractions, as well as reducing bleeding and bruising after delivery.

Homeopathy after childbirth

Women seek homeopathic treatment for a variety of problems during the post-natal period - both physical symptoms such as post-delivery healing or sore nipples, and emotional symptoms such as anger or weepiness associated with the 'baby blues'.

There are also homeopathic medicines available for minor symptoms your baby may be experiencing, such as teething pains, colic, constipation or nappy rash.

How might my baby or my child benefit from homeopathy?

Parents contact homeopaths for a wide variety of childhood conditions ranging from autism to asthma, but most often for acute problems. Homeopathy has a consistent track record of managing the distress of teething, reducing the distress of acute febrile infections, helping to manage the symptoms of upper respiratory tract (chest) infections, and particularly in relieving the pain of ear infections (otitis media, also known as glue ear) in the first 24 hours. This rapid pain relief potentially reduces the need for antibiotics.

Research also suggests that homeopathy could be used to reduce the duration of childhood diarrhoea. Additionally, studies have suggested that atopic disorders (such as eczema, hayfever and allergies) might benefit from homeopathic treatmetn, both in the short and long-term. There is some preliminary research evidence suggesting that homeopathic remedies might be effective for behavioural conditions such as ADHD and many parents of autistic children use homeopathy.

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