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The Society of Homepaths is the largest organisation representing professional homeopaths in Europe.  Their website is useful for members of the public to find out further information about homeopathy and for the latest research into homeopathy.

For the very latest news and research in homeopathy.

A European-wide unique search portal designed for people interested in looking for scientifically certified treatment options within complementary and alternative medicine.

The Informed Parent
An organisation which helps parents make an informed choice on vaccinations.

Homeopathy Heals Me
A useful resourse for news and information aimed at homeopaths and supporters.

A leading portal on scientific research in homeopathy.

Find a Homeopath
An informative website with useful information about homeopathy and how to choose a homeopath.

Therapy Directory
A useful resource for complementary therapies in general.

The North West College of Homeopathy
The prestigious college of homeopathy based in Manchester.

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